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    Apollo 16 astronaut takes a drive on the Moon, April 22, 1972. (NASA)

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    Orion Nebula and Running Man

    The Orion Nebula (also known as Messier 42, M42, or NGC 1976) is a diffuse nebula situated south of Orion’s Belt in the constellation of Orion. It is one of the brightest nebulae, and is visible to the naked eye in the night sky. M42 is located at a distance of 1,344 ± 20 light years and is the closest region of massive star formation to Earth. The M42 nebula is estimated to be 24 light years across. It has a mass of about 2000 times the mass of the Sun. Older texts frequently refer to the Orion Nebula as the Great Nebula in Orion or the Great Orion Nebula.

    The Running Man Nebula (also known as NGC 1973/5/7) is a reflection nebula 1/2 degree northeast of the Orion Nebula. The three NGC objects are divided by darker regions. It is also called The Running Man Nebula and Sharpless Catalog 279.

    Credit: Robert Turner/Wikipedia

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    Bohemian Details

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    The peak-ring basin Scarlatti is seen at the center of this image. While Scarlatti has a typical peak ring in many respects, in the northeast section it transitions to a large (approximately 30 km) pit surrounded by high-reflectance material. This pit may be the site of past explosive volcanic activity. This image was acquired as a targeted 11-color image set. Acquiring 11-color targets is a new campaign that began in March 2013 and that utilizes all of the WAC’s 11 narrow-band color filters. Because of the large data volume involved, only features of special scientific interest are targeted for imaging in all 11 colors. Caption: Mercury Messenger TeamNASA/JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY APPLIED PHYSICS LABORATORY/CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON

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    the starry sky on the himalayas

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